Austin Sheppard

Ancient cultural reverence for nature has morphed to exploitation. At home, my well is poisoned with industrial by-product; dumped into the environment because it was unregulated, and cheap to dispose of in the river. A life-long nature lover, I walk trails and cross streams tainted with a “forever chemical”, so named because it never breaks down.
The natural world is a dichotomy; there is a sense of timelessness yet also of ever-changing fragility. My work straddles a line between the permanence of traditional sculpture and the impermanence of performance-based occurrences, unified by the objectified yet malleable human body. Heavily influenced by shaman-like ritualism and pagan guising, I seek sustainability by incorporating both natural and reclaimed man-made materials. Through observation, omen-reading, and the search for the Celtic Otherworld, it is my goal to re-establish a fractured relationship with nature.