Austin Sheppard
Current Work
I am interested in physical, mental, and emotional isolation and its effects on the development of individualism. My experiences with isolation are primarily expressed through the human figure. Utilizing symbolism, and by suggesting a personal mythology, the works aid in my examination of the human condition.
I believe that working from within is the purest form of self-expression, and that personal narrative better establishes my place in the world. I depict the influence surroundings may have on my state as a true individual, as fully experiencing a unique setting shapes my person, and by extension my art. Locally sourced, found and reclaimed materials suggest a sense of place by tying the work to its point of origin. I am currently engaged in a period of critical self-evaluation, so the work investigates personal shortcomings and methodologies that will aid in compensation or growth. It reflects my quest to realize Friedrich Nietzsche’s Ubermensch, his “ultimate man”, and the continual failure to do so.

-Austin Sheppard

"A figurative sculptor, Sheppard makes pieces that are self-reflective while exploring aspects of human experience, character, and ethos."

-Christina Ritchie Rogers